The tourism industry has been shaken by the consequences of the Omicron option

A few days before the end of the year holidays, the Trudeau government decided on Wednesday to reconsider its travel advice, which it recommended again against unnecessary stays abroad.

This decision is supported by the Minister of Health of British Columbia Adrian Dix.

Unless the state government formally recommends travel within Canada, Mr. Dix warned that des changements dans les conseils et règles de la santé publique dans les semaines à venir“,”text”:”des changements dans les conseils et règles de la santé publique dans les semaines à venir”}}”>changes in public health advice and rules in the coming weeks.

This uncertainty, tourism experts in British Columbia, are already strongly affected by the pandemic, which is met with cold.

The tourist season was eagerly awaited as entry rules at Whistler Ski Resort were relaxed. However, recent announcements have discouraged some traders.

We are sure that this raises some concerns about the number of tourists we are waiting for, Explains Pierre-Maxime Richer, co-founder of the Green Mustache chain, which has two restaurants in Whistler.

All the little ones Business, and even the older ones, we need tourists who come to ski, we are ready to meet them, the third consecutive gloomy season and fear of loss of income, says Mr. Ritcher.

« Come on, but be even more careful. »

quoted from Pierre-Maxime Richer, co-founder of the Green Mustache restaurant franchise

Mr Richer says he can count on the frequent arrival of regional tourists, but the influx of visitors from other states and West American coasts remains important. the local economy continues to operate.

Pierre-Maxime Richer, co-founder of the Green Mustache restaurant franchise, is worried about frequent visits to his two establishments in Whistler and doesn’t want to relive the third vacant season in a row.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Wildinette Paul

Faced with an increase in work on the Omicron variant, Mr. Ritcher remains calm.

Obviously, two doses are not strong enough for this option. […]. But even if we have a third dose, there may be another option that continues. So I think it’s really about learning to live, to live, and to continue to travel with this reality, with that focus.

Time of uncertainty

Frédéric Dimanche, director of the Ted Rogers School of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Ryerson University, says this bad news for the tourism sector, who had just begun to gain strength.

Since the borders opened Like Canadians, travel and tourism professionals began to gain self-confidence, he explains.

These new measures for the Omicron option will hurt the industry, but also reduce the confidence we have regained in terms of travel.

Mr Dimans stressed that if the door remained open to foreign travelers, Federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said we should expect new restrictive measures.

I believe that this is something that will hurt the sector, because we are in a situation we do not know, and there is nothing worse than not knowing., he concludes.

As travel restrictions increase around the world to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant, the Canadian government is still advising not to travel abroad without a valid reason.

This recommendation has angered the aviation industry. These are not deliberate, but panic measures, Says Pierre Lessard, chairman of Air Transat’s main board of pilots.

« This is a blow to the club. »

quoted from Pierre Lessard, Chairman of the High Executive Board of Air Transat Pilots

People who go on holiday during the holiday season go south, to the beaches, to the open air. There is no better chance of getting infected than going to a hockey game, he continues.

In a statement on Wednesday, WestJet CEO Harry Taylor called for a federal government recommendation. unnecessary chaos and destructive for the sustainable economic recovery of the country.

He noted that travel bans and restrictions put tens of thousands of recently restored jobs in Canada’s travel and tourism sector at risk.

With Wildinette Paul and show information West Lighthouse

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