Pensions: What will change in 2022

The issue of pensions and their complex reforms are once again at the center of discussions in the presidential campaign. However, by April, many innovations for both current and future retirees had to take effect from January or longer was recorded for the coming months. An overview of the main ones.

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  • Basic pensions increased by 1.1%

After an increase of 0.4% in January 2021, basic pensions were revalued by January 2022, in accordance with the formula established by law and dependent on inflation. In practice, this should apply to pensions payable for this month of January, which will be paid at most in early February.

Not only will this percentage affect lawyers’ basic pensions, they will increase by 1%. Solidarity benefits for the elderly (ASPA), the minimum old age also increases by 1.1%, thus (excluding Mayotta) to 916.78 euros per person per month (+ 9.97 euros) and 1,423.31 euros for couples (+15, 49) reaches. euro).

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  • Variable rates for complement

The annual revaluation also takes place on the 1stis There are many additional retirement plans in January, but not all rates are known yet.

The increase was, for example, 1.1% for artisans and merchants, including freelancers (including Ircantec), 1% for lawyers, 1.9% for civil servants receiving additional civil service pensions, and 0% for civil servants. It is a 50% increase. Doctors included in the French Autonomous Pension Fund – their additional old-age pension does not change.

On the other hand, this year for the Liberals, architects, researchers, consulting engineers, etc., affiliated with the Inter-Professional Insurance and Aging Insurance Fund. Also note that the annual revaluation date for employees is 1is November; Thus, Agirc-Arrco pensions increased by 1% by the end of 2020.

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  • Measures for small agricultural pensions

Technical but important changes aimed at improving the smallest agricultural pensions will come into force from January. From now on, co-working spouses (mostly women) and family assistants will be entitled to the same increased reference pension (PMR) as the head of operations (amount 2021: 699.07 euros), but they will allocate a smaller amount here (amount 2021: 550). , 50 euros). “In addition, the amount [désormais unique] the amount of this PRM is increased to a minimum contribution and employees, ie € 713.11 [depuis] 1is January “, the Minister of Agriculture clarifies.

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