New Street Bangkok fundraiser from Nov Tourism, run by Montefiore

The Street Bangkok Group (Street BKK), formed by Normal Colton, the champion of fast-food restaurants inspired by Thailand, is moving fast. Including the capital of the Nov Tourisme fund, managed by Montefiore Investment, and adding future leverage, the group of eight companies will be able to rely on a global budget of between 10 and 20 million euros. It is enough to strengthen control over it and accelerate its development as a + franchise.

Today, Norman Colton, the head of a catering group weighing about 12 million euros, has created real labels specializing in the classics of Thailand and Southeast Asian gastronomy: Street Bangkok Roast Club, Street Bangkok Fry Temple and most recently, Thai market. Under these 3 brands, Thaï Market today has 8 Parisian and Ile-de-France restaurants, offering all traditional Thai cuisine based on grills, woks, stews and fresh dishes at the Roast Club, a rotisserie of Southeast Asia. its roasted ducks, patent pork, or in the Fry Temple, fried dishes inspired by Asia.

In particular, with the opening of a 1,500-square-meter central laboratory in Hebrew, near Paris, two months ago, a group that has structured itself to grow and respond to the digitalization of the profession is ready to embrace it today. notch. Welcoming Montefiore (generally between 5 and 10 million euros) with existing partners Rives growth and business angels Norman Colton can rely on new experienced financiers in the world of restaurants, hotels and tourism. The latter have special interests Brand Baker (Fresh Burritos, Berliner and Better), Paris Experimental Group, GL Events Sports… related to the investment vehicle November Tourism is managed by Montefiore Investment (also Sushi side and Poké Evi by other financial means).

There are already two openings in the pipes

For a young group (created in 2015) that can take a digital turn and consider a model to adapt flexibly to a comprehensive channel, the crisis went smoothly and proved the model’s resilience. founder. ” That’s what we like about this powerful concept, its ability to navigate online sales, and its ability to manage all distribution channels during the difficult months of the catering industry.Paul Caron, an investment specialist at Montefiore Investment, sees the full potential of the brand in the fast-growing restaurant segment, explains For Norman, the path to development is now fully paved. “We will be able to develop our team at headquarters, meet new growth challenges, especially with future franchisees.

Already, after the reopening of the Thaï Market section in Levallois, which is sometimes closed for repairs, a second, larger restaurant will open in the same city in the inner suburbs of Paris in 2022. And on the 2nde half-yearly, 400 m² Thai Market dining area should still see the light of day in the Alésia district of Paris, not far from McDonald’s. In addition to these new businesses, the hot entrepreneur plans to develop franchises with about ten openings a year.

“We aim to make a sensational entry into the world of franchising with cutting-edge solutions and a strong brand,” said Norman Colton, President and Founder of Street Bangkok.

Thus, new partners will be able to choose a la carte, different kitchens and cooking concepts and rely on the whole experience of the group and the list of home-made products in Ivry. In addition, they will benefit from the state-of-the-art training school, which will allow each enterprise to acquire all the know-how that allows it to generate a turnover of between € 1.8 million and € 2 million today.

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