How did Lyon become the first tourist destination in 2022?

“It’s a bit like the Tourism Oscars!” »Virginie Carton, General Manager of Only Lyon Tourisme et Congrès, may be pleased with the award given by the World Travel Awards. On December 16, this international professional organization selected Lyon as the first tourist destination to be discovered in 2022. These WTAs award to several categories around the world, thanks to two votes from the public and 330,000 tourism professionals. count twice. Vircinie Carton recalls that voters had already hailed the Gaul capital in October “by choosing the second best European city after Moscow, but ahead of Amsterdam and Barcelona.”

The award criteria apply to all types of accommodation, catering and transport, and efforts to make tourism more responsible have increased over the past three years. For OnlyLyon, this first place is also “the recognition of a certain model in Lyon: a city on a human scale, a UNESCO-class heritage, a gastronomic heritage, including the label Bouchons Lyonnais”, ie the original side. It will provide a “French art experience” that is something that newcomers to Lyon are increasingly looking for.

Most of the business travelers

Because they are still many after a health crisis that lasted more than a year: Lyon was “extremely resilient at 75%, thanks to the vast majority of French visitors,” said Virginie Carton, a European and North American visitor. According to OnlyLyon, the city is the second largest tourist destination in France with 6 million visitors a year.

However, 34% of them are vacationers and 66% are on business trips. The determination of the World Travel Awards is therefore measured by them: “We have a strong economic base, already established companies and business tourism infrastructure, such as the Cité des Congrès, are particularly virtuous on their various labels … But we would not organize a congress where it would not be attractive!”

Due to the strength of its influence, the tourism office intends to expand the activities of the metro. “Our name is OnlyLyon, but our area is 59 metropolitan municipalities,” concludes Virginie Carton. Local tourism will be encouraged by communicating about everything that exists in terms of offerings, craftsmanship or region exploration, “to meet the growing need for slightly different, more original experiences.”

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